Objective of SME Forum

Enabling SME member companies to SCALE – Source , Compete, Achieve, Learn, Exceed to become enterprises of the future!

Key Activities

  • Secure & Source
    • Help SMEs to secure business from Government through lobbying for favourable and preferential procurement policy regime for procurement from SMEs.
    • Help SMEs to source business through enabling reach out programs ( participation in trade delegation and such) with potential customers world wide.
  • Compete
    • Help SMEs member companies with insights ( market access, networks, operations ) to execute effectively and compete in their respective markets and businesses.
    • Enable knowledge dissemination on best practices followed in the industry, and on topics of interest such as Tax compliance, Forex, Performance Management….
    • SME Forum shall organize an Annual Flagship event to help SMEs gather insights on emerging business and technology trends, new business opportunities.
  • Achieve
    • Help member companies achieve recognition while they during the pursuit of their growth journey.
    • Savings through group buying – smart procurement (facilitate negotiations for preferential pricing on products and services where feasible).
  • Learn
    •  Provide a platform to learn by leveraging know how of successful companies, informed peer group, large
      enterprises and specialist advisory through learning and development events.
    •  Facilitate sharing of insights, collaboration where feasible amongst SMEs to achieve common goals.
    •  SME forum shall organize talks by eminent speakers on topics of interest.
    •  SME Forum shall organize periodic SME networking meetings.
    •  SME forum shall secure relevant Industry research reports and make it available in HYSEA library.
  • Exceed
    •  Enable member companies to benchmark themselves with the best in class to excel and become Enterprises of the


HYSEA Annual SME Summit

“Insights to Grow”

Jayesh Ranjan, IAS,   assured Government Support to SMEs in three areas of Recruitment,   Raising Capital, and Easy Participation in the Tendering Process

Ranga Pothula, President, HYSEA reiterated that SMEs are the growth engines that will help the Government realise its goal of doubling the exports from the state

Hyderabad, July 03, 2016


HYSEA SME Forum organized its Annual Summit on 3rd July 2016 at AVASA.   The theme of the Summit was, “Insights to Grow” and provided a prized platform for IT SMEs to explore the Opportunity landscape available to them cutting across Industry verticals/Geographies and Technology adoption by Global enterprises and small businesses alike.  The summit also explored opportunities for IT SMEs in Government sector that are Innovation led and in niche domains, the plethora of opportunities that are available around Governments procurement for the defence sector, Lead Generation through Digital Marketing, Opportunities in Life Sciences vertical and Opportunities for IT SMEs in Data Sciences.

Delivering the keynote address, Sri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Secretary ITE&C Department, Govt of Telangana said, “SMEs are not only contributing to exports but also employ significant number of professionals and reiterated the support envisioned in the new IT Policy of the state”.  He emphasised that the Government was open to suggestions from SMEs, which will help them grow.

Speaking further, Sri Jayesh Ranjan offered government support to SMEs in three Key Areas:

  1. Help with recruitment/Hiring through TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge) – TASK services will be made available to SMEs free of cost, considering the difficulties SMEs go thru in hiring freshers.
  2. Government is working with financial institutions to come up with tailor made products for SMEs to help them raise working capital and Bank loans. They are also working with BSE to help companies list to help increase company valuation and visibility
  3. As part of ”Digital Telangana” initiative the government is toying with the  idea of involving SMEs by removing a major hurdle – doing away with tendering system to award projects to the lowest bidder and replace it with awarding contracts based on the merit of the products.

SME companies could send the synopsis of their solutions/ideas to the IT secretary which would then be evaluated by Experts in the department to award contracts. The government’s focus on Technology lays emphasis on the technology being relevant to the society.

Jayesh Ranjan later had an interactive Q&A Session with the participants and answered queries ranging from setting up of Business Continuity Centres, SME Towers, and internship programs for engineering students, Financial Guarantees for SMEs based on a robust criterion.

Earlier welcoming the gathering, Ranga Pothula, President HYSEA and Vice President, Infor India Pvt Ltd said, “SMEs are the growth engines that will help the Government realise its goal of doubling exports from the state in the next 5 years”.  He said HYSEA will continue to work with the government towards safeguarding interests of SME community.

Ravi Rao, Head of HYSEA SME forum welcomed the guests and set the context for the day. Seema Nayak, Head NSE–SME introduced NSE Platform–EMERGE. Avinash Bhatnagar, Regional Head South for Franklin Templeton spoke about Savvy Investments Management and Insights for better returns.

Panel discussions on Lead Generation through Digital Marketing, Opportunities in Life Sciences and Opportunities for IT SMES in Data Sciences benefitted the participants immensely.

Panel on Lead Generation through Digital Marketing

The panelists in this session shared their insights to make IT SMEs familiar with tools to unearth (lead generation) and direct prospecting and developing (follow through to deal making) using advanced Digital marketing tools. Special focus was on what should be the approach to address opportunities in distant/overseas markets using digital marketing as a viable means to pursue such opportunities profitably.

Panelists: Garima Sinha, Marketing Head for India and Middle East, Wipro, Vijay Pasupulati, Founding CEO, GreyCampus, Nilesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer, Leadsquared, Preetam Akkineni, CEO Arka Connect and Panel Moderated by Sesha M. Rao, MD, Indian Operations, InsideView Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Panel on Opportunities in Life Sciences

Panellist detailed the opportunity landscape in Life sciences given the importance of IT in related industries like Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Medical Imaging, Drug Design and discovery, Increasing Clinical trial efficiencies, Bioinformatics, Genomics etc.

Panellists: Dr. Prem Kishore, Global Head, Healthcare Practice & Life Sciences, Tech Mahindra, Preeti Devi, Associate Director – Risk Consulting, KPMG, Sanjana Shishir Paranjpe, Novartis, Global Head Drug Safety & Epidemiology IT, Site Head – Development IT India, and Dr. Rajgopal Srinivasan, Chief Scientist, Head of Life Sciences Research, Innovation Labs Hyderabad, TCS and the Panel was moderated by Dr. Prem Kishore

Opportunities for IT SMEs in Data Sciences

Whether the opportunities lie in services around building repositories, usage of tools or in data enabled decision making by Enterprises (big and small alike), the panelists in this session gave insights to IT SMEs on opportunities in Data Sciences. What should an IT SME do to build a strong and vibrant practice in data sciences given the technology and usage trends. Speakers also shared some interesting use cases and anecdotal case studies.

Panellists: Rahul Sharma, CEO, Progen, Sanjay Madala, Co-founder & Product Manager, Intellicompute, Surya Putchala, Head, BDA, Cappius, Ganes Kesari, VP, Gramener, and Chaitanya Sagar, CEO, Perceptive Analytics