To position Hyderabad as the leading intellectual capital of the world, by nurturing entrepreneurship, research and innovation, to achieve global excellence in IT products and services.


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Product & Technology Forum

Objective of The Forum

In keeping with the rapidly increasing traction in software products development work and startup eco-system at Hyderabad, the forum brings together successful CEOs, VCs, investors and others in the support eco-system sharing their views and experiences.


HYDPL was established to serve as a body to promote Innovation and New Product Development in Hyderabad. If you have a passion for and professional interest in product innovation and new product development (both goods & services) do not look further. Join us today.

HYDPL is an initiative by the product leaders based out of Hyderabad, working in Product and Startups to help network and enable each other in the PL functions. HYDPL focus areas include enable and provide the support for anyone to move into product management. It also helps demystify the art of product management.


The objective of this organization is to connect various players in the eco system (government, academia, product companies, startups ) to evangelize product thinking and adopt product management practices.

HYDPL organizes monthly events. These events are the best place for anyone interested in product management to learn, share and network. Some of the events organized are workshops, product camps, speaker series, product clinics and annual event. HYDPL organizes closed door invite only discussion meetings to talk about trends and challenges in product management. The round tables are expected to discuss key issues facing leaders and executives of product companies. The round table brings together a wide perspective across the table from product leaders, startups, venture capitalists and academia to launch strategic initiatives.

Product camps are half a day long fun filled event with the attendees driving the agenda! Learn from peers and experts at this volunteer speakers and attendee voted agenda in a casual informal environment!

Major Activities for The Year

Organize various Technology Events including

  • Products/Startups Events
  • Cloud computing use-cases workshop
  • HYSEA Annual Technology Day
  • Product workshops (smaller showcase)
  • Enterprise products/solutions workshop (theme TBD)
  • Domestic opportunities showcase- products/solutions built for Hyderabad
  • Products’ showcase
  • Provide Support to external events
  • Support monthly Startup Saturdays at IIIT
  • Support other startup events (if any)